The Bribes, The Videos, The DABWAHA

The best part of the DABWAHA is always the trash talking, the vote mongering, and the creativity that is unleashed to gather votes and try to advance to the next round. This year’s creative offerings are no different: grade A excellentness!

Sarah Morgan and her son created a video for Once a Ferrara Wife: 


ETA: Ros Clarke is leveraging the power of baby animals and hot dudes to attempt the trouncing of Morgan’s book:


Jeannie Lin is promising some seriously awesome dancing should she advance to the next round:


And Molly O’Keefe is also behind a video asking for support by warning of…great chaos:


But wait – there’s more! Susanna Kearsley’s helping O’Keefe, too – it’s book training time!


Laura Florand is offering some seriously dangerous threats – and adorableness – as she tries to gather votes for TWO books:


And Dawn Addonizio is ready:


And Astrid Amara also has a video bribe…with THREATS! OH NOES!


Lest you think there are only videos offered as creative requests for voting, get ready for All The Temptation of the Writers!

Ruthie Knox is not messing around: she has voter guides, side-by-side comparisons to the books her books are facing, PLUS promises of deleted scenes, extra epilogues, and other terribly tempting things. Battle of the Bad Girls? Knox is ready.

But the real temptation: “If Room at the Inn advances to round 2, I will post the first chapter of my first manuscript, Rebound. As is. With all the embarrassing newbie mistakes left in.”


Kit Rocha is promising deleted scenes featuring Jared & Ace over at Facebook. As in she’s making said promises at Facebook, not that Jared & Ace got frisky at Facebook. Though who knows, maybe they DID. It is a deleted scene. Could be ANYTHING.

But Kristen Callihan is not without her own ammo:

And she’s offering up her own unpublished material:

And then there’s Tessa Dare, who is lining up a whole buffet of what she calls ‘incentives’ to gather votes:

She is not monkeying around here, yo.

It is ON. Get ready for voting, and good luck!

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