Elite Eight, Round 2 (March 29 12:00 AM – 10:00 PM EST)

Destiny’s Captive Worth the Fall


Sweet Filthy Boy Magic Breaks

Elite Eight, Round 1 (March 28 12:00 – 10:00 PM EST)

The Kraken KingIt Happened One Wedding

Burn For MeJust a Little Taste

Schedule for Elite Eight

March 28, 2015

Midnight to 10:00 PM EST

  • Just a Little Taste by Farrah Rochon v. Burn For Me by Ilona Andrews
  • The Kraken King by Meljean Brook v. It Happened One Wedding by Julie James

March 29, 2015

Midnight to 10:00 PM EST

  • Destiny’s Captive by Beverly Jenkins v.  Worth the Fall by Claudia Connor
  • Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren v.  Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews

Sweet Sixteen, Round 4 (March 27 12:00 – 11:59 pm EST)

Satisfaction Worth the Fall


Forged by Desire Magic Breaks

Sweet Sixteen, Round 3 (March 27 0:00 – 11:59 am EST)

The Suffragette Scandal Destiny’s Captive


The Hook Up Sweet Filthy Boy

Sweet Sixteen, Round 2 (March 26 12:00 – 11:59 pm EST)

A Bollywood Affair It Happened One Wedding


Misbehaving Just a Little Taste

Sweet Sixteen, Round 1 (March 26 0:00 – 11:59 am EST)

The Goblin Emperor Burn For Me


The Kraken King Fair Play

Schedule for Sweet Sixteen

March 26, 2015

Midnight to Noon (EDT)

  • The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison v. Burn For Me by Ilona Andrews
  • The Kraken King by Meljean Brook v. Fair Play by Josh Lanyon


Noon to Midnight (EDT)
  • A Bollywood Affair by Sonali Dev v. It Happened One Wedding by Julie James
  • Misbehaving by Tiffany Reisz v. Just a Little Taste by Farrah Rochon


March 27, 2015

Midnight to Noon (EDT)

  • The Suffragette Scandal by Courtney Milan v. Destiny’s Captive by Beverly Jenkins
  • The Hook Up by Kristen Callihan v. Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren

Noon to Midnight (EDT)

  • Satisfaction by Sarah Mayberry v. Worth the Fall by Claudia Connor
  • Forged by Desire by Bec McMaster v. Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews

Winner: Round 1 and 2

It’s time to announce the winner of round 1 and round 2, based on excellent bracket selection and use of our trusty tie-breaker. One participant won both rounds with a crazy accurate bracket selection!

The winner after Round 1 and Round 2: Kanoko! 

Kanoko wins a $50 gift certificate at winner’s choice of B&N/Amazon/iTunes and copies of RUNNING HOT & PLAYING DIRTY, the kickoff novella and first single title in the new Bad Boys Undercover series from Avon and author HelenKay Dimon!

Playing Dirty by HelenKay DimonIn addition, as a thanks for offering a prize, we asked each donor what they’d like to share with the DABWAHA folks.
HelenKay would like y’all to know about her new January release, Playing Dirty:

 As an elite Alliance agent—the joint undercover operation of MI6, the British Secret Intelligence Service, and the CIA—Ford Decker lives for the adrenaline. But when he befriends sexy property manager Shay Alexander in hopes of finding her cousin, a known national security threat, Ford crosses the line, getting to know her better . . . in bed.

After being burned by her last relationship, Shay wants to take things slow. Yet she can’t keep her hands off the drop-dead gorgeous hottie who’s moved into her apartment building. So when Ford’s identity as an undercover agent is exposed, his betrayal cuts deep. Shay never wants to see him again, but Ford can’t let her go, not when her life is still in danger. He will sacrifice everything to protect her, then be prepared to walk away from the only woman he’s ever loved, even if it breaks him.

You can learn more about Relentless at HelenKay Dimon’s website.


Kanoko also wins a either a Kindle Fire 6″ or a Nook Glow. Plus downloads of THE VIRGIN’S NIGHT OUT, the KIT COLBANA BOXED SET, the HUNTERS BOXED SET, and an ARC of BUSTED from author Shiloh Walker!

Shiloh Walker would like y’all to know about Busted, a contemporary romance coming May 5th from Berkley:

Like his brothers Zach and Zane, Trey Barnes thought he had found the love of his life. But fate had other plans. A widower who’s had to raise his five-year-old son on his own, Trey has not allowed himself to be with another woman. Until he meets Ressa Bliss at—of all places—a children’s library program. The beautiful librarian is wonderful with his son, Clay, but every time Trey even considers asking her out, he is tortured by guilt.

Fate is indeed fickle. When the two meet again at a conference, this time the attraction is too powerful to resist. But is their connection and passion strong enough to survive Trey’s deep inner torment?

You can learn more about Busted at Shiloh Walker’s website.

Congratulations to Kanoko, and many thanks to Shiloh Walker and HelenKay Dimon. Good luck in the upcoming rounds of the tournament, everyone!

Second Chance Tournament 2015!

It’s time for the Second Chance Tournament!

Is your bracket destroyed? Did your picks go awry? Do you find yourself tied for 500th place and full of despair? Weep no more, bracketeers, because our 2nd Chance Tourney is created just for you.

We start with 16 books instead of 64, so the stakes aren’t as high but the prizes are just as fine.

Go forth and pick new brackets and be hopeful once again.

Please note: you must press the NEW button. This is an entirely new tournament setup.

Also please note: check the list of nicknames, and please do not choose an existing nickname. For folks who have already entered their second chance tourney picks, please double check that the web entries match the email verification. If not, email the verification to Jane and she’ll square it away.

And you can keep up with the tournament results, check your bracket, and your neighbor’s bracket HERE.